Introducing the new...

  1. ...Dior Gypsy Bag

    Dior Gypsy bag.jpg
  2. What do you gals think of this bag?
  3. hmmmmm....I don't know....
  4. what's the cost?
  5. cute, but such bags lie on the shelves in Zara and River Island in tens...if i pay a thousand or more for a bag i want the design to STAND OUT.
  6. I like it but I agree with Nat needs to be more inspiring - to plain.
  7. I agree! It actually looks like a Zara bag! It retails for 710GBP on the UK Dior site, which is around $1300-1400USD (very expensive for a boring bag).

    Maybe more versions of the Gypsy line will come out and those may look better.
  8. Its a nice bag, but too plain for $1300
  9. I agree.. there are way too many bags that have this same look and shape..
  10. way too simple!
  11. i don't like it.
  12. Nice but too plain, maybe in a different material.

  13. id rather spend the money on the plisse medium frame bag i like this one much more:love:
  14. naaah.. dont like it at all!
  15. i'm agreeing with everyone.. looks drab.
    the leather may be all smooshy, buttah-soft lambskin/calfskin but in this picture, it looks like cheap pleather or some other fake leather used in knockoffs. not liking the ruching either.

    between this and the leopard print print bags that are out this season, i'm sorely disappointed.