Introducing the New Beverly Bag!

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  1. Got this from my Chicago BV SA last week...

    We are so excited to introduce our latest silhouette, The Beverly! Created to celebrate the opening of our new Maison in Beverly Hills, this incredible new intrecciato nappa silhouette offers a spacious interior, outside pockets, and magnetic closures. It is offered in our nero, pictured here, and also, Vesuvio, which is our red of the season.

    I asked about some more details:
    The bag is intrecciato on both sides, with pockets on both sides.
    The measurements are 13.6” wide by 11.7”high by 2.3” deep, and will easily fit up on the shoulder.
    The price is $3,550.

    Here are 2 photos...what do you think? Has anybody seen this up close and personal?

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  2. I saw this on BV site.....thanks for all the info. I'm not a fan of chains or dividers. This bag makes me appreciate my older models even more! :smile:
  3. Very nice, but I, too, am not a fan of chains. And BV has spoiled me with their lack of hardware, so that's a minus for me as well. Otherwise, the bag looks lovely. I love how they do treat their hardware, no shiny bits here!
  4. I'm in the same mid set. I prefer my bags to be very streamlined and sort of minimal in design. I do think this bag could be a really great bag for those who work. (I'm retired so I don't need to carry much.) I do like that they are making the chains in gunmetal, which I think is more subtle & elegant than the shiny metals some designers use. Just my opinion....
  5. I like the overall look of the bag including the closure. However the huge metal rings on the side and the chain strap turn me off extremely. The bag does not put my cc in danger.
  6. This bag is interesting. I am not a fan of chains. Chains add weight. This bag is pretty structured also. I wonder if it will soften and slouch.
  7. I think it's gorgeous but the dividers (and price) turn me off.

    Personally I love the chains and hardware.

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. It's a no from me. This and that other bucket shaped one with the the chains. They look cheap, IMO.
    If I wanted chains on my bags, I'd buy Chanel or Dior. Not a fan of the "vision" lately. These chains, buckles, snaps, compartments... I don't know, I guess I'm just a purist. :smile:
    However, there is a customer for every style and silhouette. I imagine there are lots of women who love these new styles, and that is great.
    Besides, it would be awful if we all carried the same bags! :flowers:
  9. I like it, but it's a little too business formal for my lifestyle.
    However, I think it's good that BV is branching out, most of their bags have a more casual aesthetic.
  10. I fell in love with this bag when I saw it in the runway show last year. I don't live anywhere near a boutique, so I found out from BV customer service online when and where it would be available. My lovely hubby was on a business trip in Phoenix about three or four weeks ago, visited the boutique there, and they helped him order me one in the Vesuvio color from the Beverly Hills boutique.

    It arrived at our house, and I just didn't love it. The color was ok, but the leather wasn't nearly as pliable and soft as all of my other BV bags, and it was NOT comfortable to wear on my shoulder. Those wings sticking up at the top poked into the underside of my arm when I tucked the bag back behind my shoulder and it was pretty painful to wear. So, back to the boutique it went for a refund.
  11. I'm not crazy about this bag. After trying on the Olimpia, the weight and look of the chains and partitions just doesn't do it for me. I'm surprised that Tomas did not release a limited edition special leather or exotic bag inspired by our CA lifestyles to commemorate the opening of the new BH boutique. Here's more on the story about the new boutique on Rodeo Drive. I don't think its open yet. My LA travel last week did not take me to Beverly Hills.
  12. I really like it! I love hardware so I am glad to see some of these newer styles.
  13. Terrific honest review! I looked at the photo again, trying to understand where you were coming from, and it was clear as a bell! Those 'wings' would make this bag a 'one place bag', for sure! Directly under your arm! :tdown:
  14. It's not for me. I dislike chains, partitions and exterior closure straps.
  15. I think design wise it has a kind of cool industrial look. I agree it's more formal looking too.

    A few observations: If the leather part of the strap was twice at long it might be more comfortable on the shoulder and reduce the weight and I think it'd still sync up with the balance of leather and metal on the strap that wraps the bag.

    If they had curved to the top edges, not a circle, but a curve, it might help the 'wing', pointy issue.

    Color is critical in this bag. Dark is going to look really chic. But I have to admit I can't imagine in in a bright happy color. It's too serious of a bag.

    I like the addition of this option to the collection as long as it's balanced by the classic ease and understated-ness of other BV styles.
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