Introducing the Mulberry Dorothy!

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  1. Do you have both right now? Can we see side by side pics? It is really nice!
  2. Yes side by side pics and modelling shots of both when you can would be great

  3. Not yet, I'm picking up the SDR early next week, will post them together once it arrives.

  4. +1. haha. We have the same "check-list"! I was thinking just the same, when I saw the fotos. ☺️
  5. Ohww! I like it! Reminds me very much of the Bays. Thank your for the pics.
  6. Ooh it looks lovely, far nicer than how it looks on the website.
  7. Ooh I like this congrats :smile: fab pics! Be interesting to see how the Dorothy compares to sdr :smile:
  8. I tried to get a decent natural light picture of those who were asking for one. I feel like the bag looks dark brown in most lights, like the second picture.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421000876.731705.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421000899.321669.jpg
  9. Update: I'm sending back the Dorothy and keeping the SDR.

    Here goes my reasoning....

    -Whilst it's a gorgeous bag and I love both, the Dorothy can sometimes look dark brown in certain lights to me, the SDR is more red in comparison, which is the look I wanted.
    -I save myself £90 and technically saved an additional £398 on it in the sale.
    -They look too similar side by side to keep both.
    -Finding out the SDR has been discontinued made me want to keep it more.

    I'm glad I could show the Dorothy on here and let people see it from different angles, i'ts now all sold out online :smile:
  10. do you have a photo of them both side by side???

  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421162529.293509.jpg

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  12. Thanks, really hope you get yours sorted. I really want the black one now!

    I was worried about the DR leather scratching easily but... I know this is going to sound crazy and weird but I did the scratch test like i do on a lot of leather bags and shoes... I pushed my finger nail into the leather and it made a slight dent, I then rubbed it with a cloth and it came right back out again.... not sure if it would work for bigger scratches but I did this a couple of times and both were good as new!
  13. A tough, but good decision IMO. The del Ray looks a better quality and I also like the fact it has a strap. Enjoy your new del Ray.
  14. The right decision, the del Ray looks nicer. To me the Dorothy looks as if something is missing....
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