Introducing...the most BEAUTIFUL bag I have....!!*pics*

  1. AHHHHH!!! I got my squirrel today!! There's no way to describe how I feel, I only wish more of you liked denim. I'm glad I decided to get it eventually, despite it being denim. It looks way better than any picture I've seen or taken, and it doesn't feel weird on my arm like the old denim squirrel '06 did, much to my relief and delight! :heart::heart::heart: THIS is my FAVORITE bag of all time ! :yahoo::dothewave:

    All thanks to my "height of mannlyhood with muscles of ruscles" (as quoted by him) because he pointed it out and told me it was the only spy he liked! For that I am forever in debt..(literally too):nuts:

    **modelling pics will come later
    Oh friends of TPF, thank you for letting me share my joy with you:crybaby:
    squirrel 001 (Large).jpg squirrel 002 (Large).jpg squirrel 003 (Large).jpg squirrel 004 (Large).jpg 0431067657652_275x275.jpg
  2. meeting her sister..:heart:
    squirrel 010 (Large).jpg squirrel 008 (Large).jpg
  3. WOW! that bag is beautiful AND unique!!!!! goooorgeous! cannot wait until you model it for us!!!!! a big congrats!!!!
  4. Congrats, I just love these bags they are true works of art. What an amazing bag! I like denim but am not at a point right now where I can get all I like but have to make choices so no denim for me for now but I really considered the blue denim one.

    enjoy your lovely bag,

  5. congrats--think I'll add it to the list if you don't mind!
  6. Wow! Two gogeous bags. I cant wait to see you modeling it.:tup:
  7. OMG I am so happy for you!!! Its GORGEOUS!!! and I LOVE DENIM!!! woo hoooo!

    I am so jealous right now...and I never even realized that there really were squirrels on

    I love come on lets see those modeling pics!
  8. yayy:wlae: Thanks everyone! Yes of course you may add that pic Lit..I would be honored. And so would she.

    Yeah Daloo I love the little squirrels holding their acorns in the cute! so pretty!
  9. What a gorgeous spy....U must be in cLoud 9 :wlae:Lol!
  10. Fabulous bag, congrats!
  11. FABULOUS BAG!!! :tup:
  12. yes, the squirrels are so adorable. i love the squirrels on mine. they have a lot of purse-onality (oh yes, i did).
  13. Both bags are gorgeous! Congrats! I love the look of the squirrel denim, and the blueberry is just exquisite!
  14. This is such a gorgeous bag - and its much better than the 06 one!! i was soo tempted to buy it - but had to resist:sad: the handles are soooo beautiful!!! Congratulations - this is a rare bag and certainly is an eye candy!!!!
  15. I love this bag!!! I was actually thinking of getting one. One "delicate" is the embroidery? I'm pretty rough on my bags and I was wondering if this one would be easy to mess up. Congrats....It's gorgeous!!!:p