Introducing the Legacy Shoulder Flap & Hamptons Suede Plaid Carryall

  1. Shoulder Flap in Gardenia.


    And my personal favorite because I love the Burberry look, the Hamptons Suede Plaid Carryall


  2. Did you buy them both?
    Or sharing pics?
  3. i love that plaid for the same reason LOL hubby told me I have to get it :smile:

  4. Lol I wish. I was just sharing from the website. I guess I should have made the title of the thread a little different. Sorry.

    Can a mod add from to the end of my thred title. Thanks.
  5. Ohhh ok. LOL.
    I figured out after I realized you made the other thread on larger pics.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I like the look of the carryall.
  6. I like both!
  7. lol that looks more cream or white to me. Lovely color tho!
  8. I love that plaid, but too bad its suede! :sad:
    Too much to be careful with and its so light!
  9. Oh I like them both :nuts:
  10. I soooo want the plaid! Actually a nice alternative to novacheck.
  11. Of course, now I go to to see how much it costs and I can't find it!
  12. I am really afraid that plaid will be a dirt magnet!
  13. That flap bag is growing on me. When I first saw it, I wasn't thrilled but the more I see it the more I like it.
  14. I love the shoulder flap! So elegant.
  15. ITA - I can't do suede :nogood: