Introducing...the Hilarie

  1. Too cute! yeah, my new Ryan tote has the canvas lining...I do love the (purple) suede that my Sienna has.
  2. Hey - saw the pics of your Ryan. Love it! I'd love to have the Gold and Linen one. I was surprised at the size, though. It's bigger modeled than it appeared to be in the stock photos. Not that that is a problem - I'm a Big Bag girl. ;)

    I'm seriously debating this Hilarie - not at the moment but for a future purchase.
  3. I prefer the ultrasuede lining too but I sure like this new style. Wonder what other colors it comes in.
  4. I like it. As others have said, I'd like to know what other colors in comes in.
  5. I love it, the new issue of Shape magazine (with Hillary Duff on the cover) on page 118 has a similar bag from Kooba, but it's a clutch and it's $325. Sorry I don't have a scanner, or I would post it. It looked large for a clutch. Before these two bags I didn't like anything so far from Kooba's fall line, but these two are really awesome!

    Update: Looks like the Hilarie has a key hook! That's the *only* thing about my Brynne I don't like, I'm so glad they finally added one!!!
  6. My Angie taupe python bag has a key hook. Love it, a nice addition. Hope all the new ones have it. Since the photo says "luggage", wonder if it will be like other bags that come in that color as far as other choices, black, blonde, probably not light like ivory since a Fall style but still lots of Summer left.
  7. Wow! I reeeallly like that clutch and I'm not a clutch person (I own one Audrey in Bourbon, but I think I bought her because the leather went with my Bourbon Jillian and Ada and I loved the more rose~mauve ultrasuede lining. LOL).

    By it's size I'd say it's big for a clutch - 14x8.5!
  8. Yes! That's the clutch I saw, the Diane. I really like it, but I think I'll save for the Hilarie since I'll get much more use out of it. That Cassandra (I think the non-metallic version of the Mimi) is really awful...
  9. I think that the whipstitching ruins this one. I'm okay with the Sienna being whipstitched but this one seems overkill. And luggage color seems so dull. Not really into this one but I am all for the new Canvas lining. I was never into that loose ultrasuede.
  10. I'm on the fence with this one... I agree with Lexie that the whipstitching is overkilll. It looks more like an IF bag than a Kooba. I do like that piece around the zipper and how it connects to the bottom of the bag though. I think that's really cute!
  11. I'm not loving this bag, it's okay, but not a bag I'd go out and buy. I can't seem to marry up the bag's style with the whipstitching. I'm going to pass.
  12. OK, I'll be the odd one out, I really like, no 'love', the bag, but not the color. I'm into more casual, rustic looking bags, and this one looks perfect for me. I just hope it comes in some more interesting colors! Going to NY in October, so maybe I'll be able to see it in person before actually buying one, that would be a first!!!
  13. Well, my two-cents worth is that I actually like the whipstitching on the entire bag. I think it is the next best thing to the Sienna and it was created because the Sienna was so very popular, in my opinion, just to capitalize on that whole look. I think Kooba has succeeded in emulating the Sienna, only with a different look that might appeal to other fashionable women out there.