Introducing... the Gallagher Bolide!!


Jul 27, 2006
with Mr X
Let me preface this by saying -- HiHeels: this is all your fault!!! :yes: I used to think of myself as a 'square bag' only girl, but I've since succumbed to the charms of the Bolide. Thanks to the Bolide thread and the tribute to this classic, I've been smitten. So much so, that when I realized I need an under-the-radar bag, it was the only bag I'd consider. And it is perfect!

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

For weeks now, the Bolide bug has been entrenching itself in my subconscious, and just when I'd resolved to limit all future bag purchases to the SOs on their way, I've nevertheless realized that the well-rounded life really needs a well-rounded bag collection! So although the old boudoir houses a birkin and a kelly (ahem! ... or two or so... ), there are places and sometimes people that are simply incompatible with them. And every morning this week I've been awakened to the same burning questions: 31 or 37? rigide or mou? elegant neutral or pop of color?

I tried the 31s - both rigide and mou, and while adorable, they were simply too small for what I normally schlepp around in a 35 birkin. So 37 it was. And most definitely mou - gotta love that insouciant slouch!

And I tried every color under the sun, but the one that was meant to be, the one that sang... was the graphite!

I can't even begin to describe graphite in clemence. It's got a chameleonlike quality, an attitude that alters according to the light. Not at all black, it's the color of smoke, at once charcoal, taupe, deep grey-bronze - hard to pin down, elusive, elegant and urbane. I love it.

And the fact that it goes with everything is just the icing on the cake! Some comparison pics:

And here's me falling in love with her on the spot:

And for all eternity I'll think of her as the Gallagher Bolide because just as I walked out of the store with the big orange bag in tow, I bumped into the actor Peter Gallagher, who I've had an enormous fangirl crush on ever since Sex Lies and Videotape. (And have any of you seen While You Were Sleeping when he goes on about his 'apartment on the rue du Faubourg St Honore'? *sigh* )

His eyes raked over my rain-soaked linen shirt, clinging to flushed skin and heaving bosom, and slowly and deliberately grinned.

Leaning in to whisper in my ear, he drawled,

"Nice bag."

LOL! No, he didn't actually say that. But we had a 'moment' and that's enough for me. :smile:

So, sadly, no sex, no lies and regrettably no videotape. But for a second there I completely forgot that I was holding a huge orange bag. (Just... wow. :heart::heart: )

[edit] Boy, the pictures really don't do this bag any justice at all! Sorry about that. It's really the sort of thing that you have to really see in person, I think.

Ms. Twilly

Aug 4, 2006
OMG! Peter Gallagher eyed your bosom AND you have an amazing new bag?!?! A perfect day, I'd say!!!


Mar 14, 2006
New England
OMG gina what a day!! Love the bolide (of course!) -- I think you will be pleasantly surprised how easy she is to love...if you get a chance, I would love to see a pic of her next to your raisin kelly because in the pics she does look raisin-like! I love it - congrats!!!


Jan 18, 2006
I love you reveals!!!! Congratulations Gina!!! That bolide is just as hot as Mr. Gallagher!!! Enjoy it in the best of health!


Shallow & Obsessed
Feb 5, 2007
Hmm... Good Question
CONGRATS!!!!! :yahoo:She is simply beautiful!!!! :drool:You were absolutely right, your collection was crying out for a Bolide! Those Birkins and Kellys needed something in a softer shape as a complement! Now , as for Peter you remember the scence in s,l,&v where he has a plant as a present for Laura San Giacomo, and he presents it on his...nether region???:graucho::graucho:


Apr 8, 2006
ding ding ding gina b.
this bag looks terrific on you, and if you want to give me credit, i'll take it - wow!
gorgeous bag in a gorgeous color!
great story. impossible for me to believe that a pair of eyebrows can make you forget about a major new purchase, but it's fun that you have that association with the day now.
congratulations, for the bag and for catching your dreamboat's eye (that's always satisfying).


Mar 14, 2006
New England
BTW, he was in a very cute movie called Cupid & Cate - I think it was a tv one but I bought it at the eyebrow comment HH!