Introducing....The Brief!

  1. These aren't the world's best photos, but with all the questions about the giant hardware, I thought I'd chime in with photos of my Brief in black with giant hardware that I absolutely adore! :yahoo: :love:

    It looks great with just a t-shirt & jeans or dressed up when I'm wearing a suit. :party:
    DSCN1143.JPG DSCN1144.JPG
  2. I must say that in that style the gold hardware really fits the bag. It looks very classy!

    Very nice. :smile:
  3. So lovely! I know that it seems like people are split on the hardware, but they really are very striking IRL.

    I've been debating between keeping the Marine Brief or Truffle City with the GH for the last few days now. It's SO hard to decide, but I definitely can't keep both.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!
  4. Congrats :yahoo: GH is slowly growing on me too:graucho:
  5. modeling pics please!!! I love it!!!
  6. Nice bag!
  7. Congrats! I totally think the GH looks great on that bag!!! :yahoo:
  8. Simply gorgeous! I drooled all over the exact bag at Nordy's today and gotta say, you scored a beauty! Congrats--I love it!
  9. I love the gold hardware on the brief and would totally get it on the marine one I want but - I'm worried about the extra weight. I need my bags to be light.
  10. Wow what a great bag! Congrats! The leather just looks so lovely.
  11. That's one hot bag! I've always been a fan of gold hardware, so bigger is better for me.

    I love gooooooolld!!!

  12. Beautiful!! Congrats.
  13. Blanc City with the gold hardware, this is so hot:smile: have the brief also but can't seem to upload the pic:sad:
    New Balenciaga 006.jpg
  14. Pretty!! I'm convinced now that the giant HW looks the best on the brief. Enjoy!
  15. how much did you get the bag?