Introducing the big plum . . .

  1. It's been a while in the hunting, but here is -- a jumbo classic in violet. [sigh of contentment, smiles a plenty].

  2. Jmen, I fixed the links for you.


    Your flap is drop dead gorgeous, I love it! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  3. Ack!:nuts: It's gorgeous!:heart:
  4. what a BEAUTY!!!
  5. Gasp! Absolutely stunning!!!
    Glad your persistence paid off.
  6. Wow... that is true bagasma! That is SUCH a jaw-droppingly gorgeous flap! Thanks for sharing the pics. It looks especially pretty beside the Irisses (sp? of plural?)
  7. That is one hot bag! ;)
  8. That is sooooooo hot!!!
  9. drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooools

  10. Yummy, look delicious
  11. Beautiful piece. I am jealous.:smile:
  12. congratulations!! best color ever
    enjoyr your bag ;)
  13. oh yay! congrats! so happy you got a violet bag! do you find it heavy?
  14. Heather, Heavy -- why, it's still empty!! :smile: Yep, it is heavier than my first choice, but the trade off is it's lambskin, which seems to suck me like no other. (So smooth, so soft, so well dang, sensual.) I'm ecstatic over the color. Puts a new spin to the Barney song --(thank you, Jenn!).
  15. lovely, how did you manage to get a hold of this secret agent