Introducing the Beautiful Kasia *pics*

  1. Ok, now I'm seriously having a Choo-gasm. I don't know the price, I don't want to know the price. I'm afraid if I did I would sell my oldest child into slave labor! LOL

    Pics courtesy of the lovey Casey from the JChoo Boutique in Chicago.


    Tassle Detail:

    Hardware Detail:

    Kasia1.jpg Kasia tassle detail.JPG Kasia rear detail.JPG Kasia hardware detail.JPG
  2. And for the big finale....

    Shoes to match:

    Kill me now:
    Kasia and Reno.jpg Reno detail.JPG
  3. I personally :heart::heart: the shoes !!!!
  4. :drool: love the shoes. So is this your next purchase :graucho:
  5. The shoes are TDF!!! :love:
  6. LOVE it!! So in line with your fabulous taste and already fabulous collection!!! Let us know what you do!:tup:
  7. Maxter

    What a Spectacular set:drool::drool: Is Casey overnighting it to you:yes:

    You will be the envy of us all Maxter....

    Can I come play in your closet:graucho: Please or please:choochoo:
  8. Love those shoes. I would love to add that pair to my collection.
  9. Lovely. Is the bag alligator and the shoes croc (or the other way around) or are both the same?
  10. That bag is $16,000! I have it in suede and it looks quite different, much less structured. And it doesn't have the studs. The shoes are pretty, but I could never wear that high a heel.:sad:
  11. I am drooling over here on both the shoes and the bag!! TD4!!
  12. ok, about a choogasm! i don't think i fully understood the true meaning of that word until i saw those pics! especially the combo of the handbag and the shoes! :nuts: but maxter, have you seen the ramona croc that's on the NM website?? jburgh posted it today: also would go perfect with those shoes! robyn and i both totally thought of you immediately when we saw the pic! oh, you would be the envy of us all!!! i do love those shoes too!! ahhhh, if only to have more buy more handbags and shoes...:girlsigh:
  13. OH WOW! Love this bag. And those shoes.... :love:
  14. gorgee!