Introducing the Balenciaga Aulmoniere?

  1. Hi everyone wanted to share my new purchase, I couldn't resist...found it in Neimans. I figured since I sold my LV MC Wapity, I'd "need" ;) a small bag for quick trips to the market, park, movies and so on, I got it because "no label/brand" style. I'm not sure of the name for this bag, but found something very simular on, please see the pic with the emblem patch on the bag. If anybody knows the correct name please correct me. Thank you!
    DSCN2549.JPG DSCN2559.JPG DSCN2560.JPG DSCN2554.JPG DSCN2556.JPG aulmoniere.jpg
  2. I love your purchase, it's beautiful and is totally your style ... god, you're so perfect! :shame:
  3. That's such a cool style. I love the leather!
  4. Wow, I LOVE it -- the leather on it looks gorgeous, does your card say 2006 1 or 2006 3? I'm just wondering the season.
  5. Congrats, that looks very well made and rich.
  6. very cool!
  7. Hi pursemama!!!
    I love it!! It looks so cute! :heart: :heart:
  8. Love the leather.:flowers:
  9. very cute bag! use it well!:heart:
  10. congrats pursemama! i had no idea a bag like this existed. what a great little bag! what are the dimensions???
  11. Congrats, pursemama! Cool bag and the leather looks fab! :smile:
  12. I just noticed the back :amazed: Really cool!
  13. Lovely!!!! I may "need" one myself!!
    Is that style less expensive than the classique??
  14. Fabulous bag! Love it in black. Congrats!
  15. Pursemama, congrats!! Yes, it's the aulmonière style - it comes in two sizes (there's a smaller one as well) and with different "decorations" - the motorcycle version that you have, and the kind with the badge/emblem, and there's also a version with pearls/crystals in a very ornate dragonfly (I think?) design. It's an awesome bag, I just love the shape. And Mimi's right, the leather on yours looks really beautiful! Very chic!! (And isn't the little mirror just adorable??!)