Introducing Story Elias Elfman, Son Of Actors Bodhi And Jenna Elfman

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    Actors Bodhi and Jenna Elfman welcomed their son Story Elias on July 23rd, and introduce him in this week's issue of OK! magazine. Now 3 weeks old, Story was the star of a photoshoot over the weekend with mom Jenna, 35, and dad Bodhi, 38.

  2. On Story's first moments: That first moment with your child is unreal. Being a mother gave me a perspective into a future I never had before.
    On choosing his name: In September 2006, just before we started trying to conceive, Bodhi turned to me in bed and said, 'How about Story Elias?' I just loved it.
    Bodhi adds, 'I just think 'story' is a great word. What's better than a great story?'
    On baby weight: Jenna says she gained 50 lbs with the pregnancy. 'I weighed 188, I'm normally 130. It's been shedding really fast.'

  3. Heeeee's so cute!!

    not too sure if i like Story as a name, but alot better than some names i've heard recently...
  4. Cute and they look happy. Jenna was annoying when she was on tv though.
  5. Cute baby. But does Story mean something in some language?
  6. Awww so cute!
  7. What's with the name?:shrugs:
  8. She looks beautiful, but WTF is up with that name? Pretentious much?
  9. Cute baby but ugly name - I feel bad for these children with awful names. I think it just leaves them open for ridicule when they are older.
  10. He is adorable !
  11. [​IMG]

    Why they waited so long to have a baby (the couple have been together for 17 years and married for 12): Bodhi says, 'It was my fault. I wanted to wait. After 16 years, we never had any close calls or any of that; we had him when we wanted to have him. We're blessed.'

    Jenna adds, 'I was going after career goals, and time flew by. I looked up and thought, 'What are we doing?' We were trying to plan it around shooting a pilot, so we wanted to conceive in October. It was our first try ever!'
    On the pregnancy: I am very lucky and very grateful to have had a drama-free pregnancy with no morning sickness. I craved orange juice, pepperoni pizza and chocolate milkshakes from In-N-Out Burger.
    Bodhi scarfed down food too -- 'I had sympathy appetite during the pregnancy! I got ravenous. But no pains or anything like that, except for breaking my foot several weeks before he was born, which deserves the knucklehead-of-the-year award.'
  12. [​IMG]

    On what sex they thought Story was: Bodhi knew from day one it was a boy. I thought for certain it was a girl. When we went for the scan, my jaw dropped. When I found out I was pregnant, we made a promise to each other: that he wouldn't get man-jowls and I wouldn't become a fat cow!
    However, it didn't exactly work out -- Jenna gained 58 lbs and Bodhi ended up breaking his foot. He says, 'I worked out seven days a week until I broke my foot.' Jenna adds, 'I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Our baby is coming any second.'

    On the birth: I was two weeks late, so I did what the doctors said and had a c-section. I looked forward to labor. I feel it's a threshold you cross into motherhood, and I was curious to see how I would deal with it. I didn't want to have an epidural.
    Bodhi and Jenna are Scientologists, and did follow the concept of silent birth as much as they could, given the circumstances.
    Birth is a painful process for mother and baby. Any time you're hurt, you're not totally present in that moment. When I'm going through something that's painful, I don't want a lot of yapping and commotion around me. The overall thing is that during moments of pain and unconsciousness, the mind records everything, and anything that's said can have a negative effect on [the mom and child] later.
    In the c-section room, there were nine people, and I just asked them if they wouldn't mind being quiet. If they needed to do their jobs medically, just talk quietly. You don't want the doctors to be yapping about their golf vacation.
    Bodhi adds, 'It doesn't diminish what the doctor is doing. It allows the doctor to do his job, and by no means are they telling Mom she can't talk. That's crazy. It's about creating a serene environment.'
  13. On Story's first moments: That first moment with your child is unreal. I felt an intense, organic calm come over me. The effect that having a child has on your life is magical. Being a mother gave me a perspective into a future I never had before. My mind goes crazy with the effect my son is going to have on the world. He was 45 minutes old and I looked at him and he just smiled; he lit up when we made eye contact.

    Story's looks and personality: Bodhi says, 'He's a beautiful kid. He's the spitting image of Jenna. He likes to listen and look. His eyes are always open. He's a cool dude, very peaceful.'
    What they hope Story will get from them: Bodhi says, 'My advice would be, listen to Mom! He'll definitely have values in our home as Scientologists.' However, Jenna says, 'Whatever he wants to do, he's free to do.'
    One thing Bodhi is hoping for is someone a little more wide-eyed than his mother.
    I hope my son can sit through an entire movie without falling asleep. In 16 and a half years, it hasn't happened with this woman. She cannot stay awake!


  14. On advice: At my shower, I put out cards asking for tips. I wanted all those tricks in a book. All I got was, 'Just love your baby.'

    More kids?: We'd love another one. Bodhi adds, 'Another 15 to 20. I have a name [for a daughter already], but I'm waiting for a girl, so I can't tell you.'