Introducing Ramona Sarsgaard

  1. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and her fiance, Peter Sarsgaard were spotted in LA late last week brunching with daughter, Ramona, 3 1/2 months. And guess what? This time they got a shot of her face. What a cutie!
    [​IMG]:heart: :yes:
  2. She's sooo cute. Here's one more pic.
  3. i love them as a family. they just look so cute and normal. i like how in both pics peter is looking at them both smiling, it's sweet.
  4. Adorable baby. :love:
  5. Who is her husband?
  6. Why are they even famous? I guess it's because her brother is cute.
  7. Sarsgaard is an excellent actor, and I had a crush on him for the longest. I was heartbroken when they married.
  8. They are both actors. :yes:
  9. She is so cute! I love her name too--reminds me of the Beverly Cleary Ramona books which I loved as a kid.
  10. Exactly what I thought! Ramona Quimby
  11. What an adorable baby!!!
  12. So Cute!!!
  13. That baby is sooooo pretty! They make such a cute family! I think Peter Sarsgaard is sooo hot!
  14. i love them... they look sooo sweet :love:
  15. Awww... :love: