Introducing PurseForum Purple


Mar 16, 1980

Introducing PurseForum Purple, the premium forum user account upgrade for the discerning bag collector.

Here are just some of the many benefits you'll receive as a PurseForum Purple subscriber:
  1. Exclusive access to our "Purseonal Shopper" service, where we'll send a team of well-trained squirrels to your local mall to pick out the perfect bag for you. Personal shoppers are so 2022.
  2. Free subscription to our monthly "Purseonality Quiz," where we'll tell you which purse matches your zodiac sign.
  3. Access to our "PursePetual Motion" program, where we'll attach tiny wheels to your purse so it can follow you around all day. Solar-powered and fully sustainable!
  4. Personalized "Purse-a-Nova" push alerts notify you when a bag-shaped UFO has been spotted in your area.
  5. Free entry into our "Purse-A-Palooza" festival, featuring games like Pin the Purse on the Model and Purse-Painting.
  6. Our "Purse-A-Loo" program, where we'll send a team of professional purse-cleaners to your home to clean out any snacks or small animals you've stashed in your purse.
  7. Exclusive access to our "Purse-A-Phobia" support group for those afraid of running out of bags to buy.
  8. A free, limited edition PurseForum Purple fanny pack. The industry claims they're hotter than ever.
  9. Our "Purse-A-Medical" hotline, where you can call in with any bag-related injuries or emergencies.
  10. And finally, access to our secret PurseForum Purple private forum, where we discuss the most pressing topics of the day, like "Is it a purse or a clutch if it's shaped like a taco?" :confused1:

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for PurseForum Purple today and make all your TPF friends jelly of your purple