Introducing...Pic of My Lil Cutie!!!

  1. I always wanted a red wallet!!! Here is my new mini :heart:Tomato:heart::

    P.S. Big sister is on its way:yahoo:
  2. Tomato is so pretty this year...
    wish I could justify another red b'bag!
  3. YAY! congrats! cant wait to see your tomato city! we're gona be sisters!
  4. very cute!! :cutesy:
  5. Congrats. :yahoo:I love those little wallets.:tup:
  6. congrats ^^
    very cute - love the color!
  7. cute! and a big sister on its way? congrats girl!
  8. what a cute wallet! nice POP color too! congrats brunettetiger! :tup::heart:
  9. Congrats!
  10. congrats..
    isnt tomato a nice colour...I was totally suprised when I got my wallet that its deeper that i thought it would be...very hard to capture though

    have fun with it:heart:
  11. Super cute! Can't wait to see big sis!
  12. I love it! I am dying for a red bag right now, so I'm obsessed with the color red! That wallet really looks great in that color!
  13. So lovely...
  14. thanks all! Tomato is very hard to photograph - I must have taken 20 photos to get one that is even good enough to post!
  15. It's so cute! You captured the red color really well too.