Introducing Penelope and Lola!

  1. My boyfriend and I picked up our new additions on Friday from our breeder. They are both Netherland Dwarf bunnies and they are a week and a half apart in age. Penelope is a Chestnut doe and Lola is a Siamese Sable doe. We are so in love with them, they are the sweetest little things!



  2. They are cuties!!
  3. Oh, I just want to hug them!! They are so precious! Congratulations on your new babies.
  4. yay! bunny stew! JOKING!!! :biggrin:

    they're so cute! i love dwarf bunnies...congrats!
  5. :wtf: :P

    Thanks everyone!
  6. So cute. Love the tail shot.
  7. Congrats! They are both adorable!
  8. I love bunnies! They are very cute. :smile:
  9. they are adorable!
  10. awwwwww adorable~
  11. Aww!! Adorable!!
  12. AWWWW!! I have a netherland dwarf too! she's 3 years old now. your babies are adorable!
  13. 。。。Can i take them home with me??
  14. For some reason I was always scared of bunnies. Can you believe it? They are so adorable and cute, but when I worked at our local pound they had a bunny and I just couldn't deal with it. I kept thinking it was going to bite or kick me. :smile: How silly, I know!

    Those babies are adorable!!! They look so soft. :smile:
  15. Sooo cute....!!! Seriously, I'm swooning over here! Do you know how big they're going to get?