introducing Olympe Cirrus

  1. I got this baby about 10 days ago :yahoo:... here it comes... :heart::heart::heart:
    487865424_88194f3a26.jpg 487892933_bc0f2a7574.jpg 487901527_fbed078c37.jpg
  2. Nice, congrats! : )
  3. Beautiful Cloud!! Congratulations on your new LV --- she's stunning!!
  4. Beautiful! Congarts!
  5. WOW!!!! can i just say "WOW again?? :biggrin: love it!
  6. the Cirrus is the only Olympe bag i really like :yes: congrats!
  7. Very pretty, congrats!
  8. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  9. WOW!Congrats!
  10. Beautiful!!!
  11. Stunning bag :smile: congrat's and enjoy!
  12. Oooh how gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous, congrats!
  14. She's gorgeous- congrats!
  15. Congratulations, she is beautifull! :drool: