Introducing old cat to new cat?

  1. I would try to get a referral for a pet behaviorist... It did US wonders trying to reintroduce our two. We found slow n steady and not rushing to mix them did ours best. Feed apart but visible, move closer between gate, etc till they are used to seeing each other with food as the reward.
  2. I did go to the Vet today and got some good advice. I'm feeling better about the situation, we are going to get a pet sedative for them both so he is not aggressive meeting her and she is not fearful. We'll see how it goes.
  3. We used prozac at low levels to help assist our two. I would advise watching weight carefully, we had a severe loss of weight with one and had to dial back the medicine a bit. Good luck to you, hoping to hear better news!

  4. any news for us, rk? Hoping that the kinks are working themselves out...