Introducing new house to kiddies!?!


Introducing kiddies to new house!?!

  1. Just tell them?

  2. It's SO hot! Let's take a swim?


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  1. 1. Just tell them?
    2. Tell them "It's SO hot! Let's go for a swim!" And drive them to the new house? Just us and the kids.
    3. Tell them we are attending a pool party and have all their friends there?

    Any suggestions to make this an unforgettable experience?? When we sold our old house (pics of the new and old one in the "Good news we are in escrow thread) we moved from a 5000+ home to a lease house that is 1950 sf. (Yes I have furniture to furnish three homes in my garage and storage...) A drastic change for them but a humbling one as well. I want them to appreciate this new house and to have great memories in it. Help me introduce them to it!
  2. The pool party one I think would be awesome! And maybe make the announcement to them when all the friends are there and video tape the shock on their faces! I am so happy for you guys!
  3. I think #3 is a really cute idea!
  4. I like the 2nd. How old are your kids Chag?

    I would want it to be just them and you- that would make it more special, IMO at least :flowers: That way they get to experience it with just the family, and it is the family's house- you could always throw them a welcoming pool party later with their friends ya know
  5. I think the kids will appreciate a pool party and will remember it for a long time!!!
  6. My daughter is 14 going on 40 and my son is 11, I think my husband would agree with you as well. I am undecided as yet. :upsidedown:
  7. The idea of going thru an empty house heheheeee with them all where are we???? Who lives here????? lol!!
    Or having a bunch of kids waiting for them. I just don't know
  8. I vote pool party! The suprise would be awesome. Especially if you dont tell them that you bought the house. They would end up askng who lives there and you can say "we do"! Plus they get to enjoy the new place with all their friends.
  9. Hmm.... 14 and 11? Are they still going to be in the same schools? Cuz if they are moving and not going to the same schools they may need more time to adjust to this move and might not be happy at a huge pool party finding it out!
  10. I'd still want the first day more intimate- it is exciting and amazing- for you and the family. Even have a party the next day?? That should be their special day/time...

    OMG I sound like my MOTHER :wtf:
  11. How fun!!! I voted pool party!
    How is it that they don't know already? NOTHING gets past my 5 yr old! LOL!

    We just downsized too recently. . . I'm ready to trade back up and we barely downsized! LOL!
  12. How did you keep this a secret with kids that age? MY kids can SNIFF something in the air if we are planning something!! I vote for 2. Kids are weird. You never know how they will react. Congrats!!!
  13. Same schools we leased just down the road a bit:smile:
  14. LoL!
  15. Years of practice LoL!! ^^
    We have been searching ever since we sold the other house so I think they just got bored with it. Which is good for me!!