Introducing Myself and Seeking Advice/Good Luck Wishes

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  1. First of all, I wanted to say how amazing this community is. I have been reading the forums and I am in awe at your knowledge. I learned so much about Hermes from all of you. I have finally decided that it is time for me to find my perfect Hermes, which is a Kelly bag. I always knew that I wanted a rigid style, because I love its formal and elegant look, and I have always dreamed of a red color. Today I went to the Hermes boutique and tried a few Kelly bags. They had Rouge Vif in chevre, and while it seemed perfect, I realized that I might not get as much wear out of red as I thought I might originally. They also had Chamonix in natural, and while the color looked perfect, I was not keen on the leather type.

    I am going to be in Paris in two days, and I hope that I will find my dream Kelly--in gold or a similar tone and in chevre or slightly textured calfskin. I know that it is somewhat of a specific order, but I feel much better knowing exactly what I want. Thank you to everyone who shared their knowledge and enthusiasm about Hermes! I know that whatever the outcome of my Paris trip might be, I will be a part of this wonderful forum and I will share my impressions.

    Do you realise what a SCORE rouge vif in chevre is? The colour rouge vif is discontinued (in favour of vermillion and rouge garance), and in chevre, it is a particular favourite of many of the members here!!!!

    I'd SNAP that up in a red hot second!

    I think if you want a more muted tone, and you willbe visiting Paris soon, you'll get your wish! The neutral tones can be harder to come by, but you'll be in Paris, after all!

    Good Luck, and once again WELCOME!
  3. I imagine! It was stunning, but it simply did not feel right for me.

    Another color I loved when I browsed through the book of swatches was Rouge Hermes, but it was not available.

    Thank you, I hope that I do find what I want in France! :smile:
  4. Welcome and good luck in Paris!

    Please keep us posted!
  5. Good Luck to you in Paris! Buy what you love...that is most important.

    Glad you are part of the Hermes subforum...Welcome!!!!
  6. Welcome and good luck!! Oh and GF - what in the world is your avatar today??!!
  7. Welcome and I hope you find the Kelly of your dreams!!

    Shoes - GF's avatar shows off her very, uh, useful Hermes knee pads! LOL!!
  8. Welcome! Good luck with your quest in Paris!!
  9. Welcome - and have a lovely trip!! Good luck at FSH! May you find something wonderful to take home!
  10. WELCOME to the Hermes Sub-Forum! Home of the knowledgeable and wacky........

    Yes, only buy what strikes you like an arrow to the heart. And then you will love it always! Have a WONDERFUL time in Paris (so jealous!!!) where I am sure you will come home with the perfect bag. And how wonderful that your first bag will come from the mothership!!!!!!!
  11. Welcome! May you find your dream Kelly in Paris!!! Good luck =)
  12. Good luck in Paris!!!! :yahoo: And welcome, happy to have another H lover on the orange side! :drinkup:
  13. welcome and good luck in Paris.:yahoo:
  14. Welcome!!! And have a great time in Paris! Buy whatever you fall in love with- what a fabulous way to always remember Paris! And post lots of pics when you get back!
  15. Thank you very much to everyone for your warm welcome! I promise to take plenty of photos and share them upon my return.