Introducing my...

  1. Latest additions to my collection :p ! I was traveling last few weeks and took the messenger with me, but was too darn scary that it got dirty :sweatdrop: , so I used a canvas bag instead. Then before I fly back to Cali, I picked up the small cosmetic case and made them a pair...:wlae: Finally today I could sit them down and took a picture to show off :rolleyes:

    :heart: them!
  2. Haha! Love the tote!
  3. nice bag!
  4. Nice!
  5. Very cute!
  6. nice bags!
  7. aww so cute i LOVE the butterfly charm mmmm YUMMY!!! haha i almost bought a credit card holder that i didnt need just to get the charm!!! my bf promptly took away my cash :sad:

    hehe :smile:
  8. Congrats! very pretty
  9. love the color of the trim.
  10. love it!
  11. Cute!
  12. congrats!!
  13. love it!
  14. very nice bags! congrats!