Introducing my yummy Cafe Day w/GH

  1. Hi every one,
    I just wanted to share with you all, this gorgeous and yummy Cafe Day that i bought from NM last week. :drool: I could not decide if i should keep it or return it:s but today i made it official and she is a keeper.:yes: I got so many complements on this beautiy, and that was a big sign for me.:yahoo: So far Cafe has been my favorite color from the Spring 07 collection and i am anxiously waiting to see the Anthracite and Periwinkle with all of you.:heart:
    IMG_2036 (2).JPG IMG_1988 (2).JPG
  2. LOVE IT! :love:
  3. It is gorgeous Nanaz. I love that color. I don't think you can go wrong with it. You made a great choice in keeping her. You done good!:yes:
  4. WOW, that is really beautiful. I think that color is so scrumptious and rich.
  5. oooo love it.... congrats Nanaz
  6. Aw, this is my mommy's favourite bag! hehe Love it!
  7. Nanaz she is beautiful!!! I did not think I was a fan of the GH but this is making me think twice! =)
  8. This is the best brown yet. Enjoy it !
  9. great bag!!!
  10. :heart: :heart: :heart: yummy color :love:
  11. OMG, i am finding so many friends on here from my area. :smile: Girlycharlie, sammydoll, you gals are so close to me.
    mass i think you should go for one.;)
    Thanks ladies for all your lovely comments. Cafe is truly gorgeous and chic.:party:
  12. :drool:
    thanks for sharing pics - she looks wonderful!
  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to see a pic of you wearing it if you have time too!
  14. I'm so glad that you love GH too..!!!
  15. That colour is TDF!!! :drool: