Introducing my tiny MJ family..

  1. Ok gals, I know I promised pics of my black ZB like 2 months ago when I first bought it, but I've finally gotten my lazy behind to take some pics.

    As for those who want an update on the Black Ursula ZC I had shipped from Nordy's, it didn't turn out well. For those who read the thread, there was a ink spot inside the ZC (the SA told me about it prior to the transaction) but she failed to mention that there was also an imprint of some tiny letters (yes, I said letters) on the bottom left corner of the back of the ZC. It looks like the ZC must've been smushed up against a magazine and it transferred onto the patent leather. So ladies who have any patent, be careful around newspapers, magazines! Anyway, I returned the ZC and got my refund. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

    ALTHOUGH, I was able to snatch a pre-loved peacock blue ZC in the midst of all the Nordy's I'm quite pleased with that!

    So, after all this, here is finally a pic of the family: my Black ZB (she's the classy mom), my denim M by MJ tote (daddy, he's a bit rugged) and their daugther peacock ZC (she takes after both of them, lol.)

    Hopefully mama ZB and denim daddy will give birth to a sap green or indigo blake/large MP in the future. Believe me, they're trying!! :love:
    Familia.JPG Peacock Blue ZC.JPG ZB.JPG ZB lining.JPG
  2. oooh, i can't wait to get a zip clutch. i love the one you have!
  3. Lovely collection.
  4. they are all very pretty!! i LOVE that blue zip clutch!! did u get that off eBay? i think i was watching that one :smile:

    good luck with 'conceiving' soon! :biggrin:
  5. ^^ moodysmom10 yes I got it off eBay! Its such a fun color but I think I'll take it to a leather cleaner to have it cleaned so it can be brand spankin new-to me, anyway. And of course TPF will be the first one to know if we're "expecting". lol!
  6. I love all your bags! You have a great MJ collection. :love:

    PS. I want your Peacock Blue zip clutch!!! :drool:
  7. You have sucha cute MJ Family! :cutesy:We'll be cheering for a indigo blake/large MP for you! :yahoo:
  8. Are you looking for a small or large MP? The San Diego NM LC has a small Sap Green MP... I saw it on Tuesday night.
  9. ^^darn, I want the large MP! Boohoo. Thanks for lookin out though, kirsten!!
  10. I see you wrote large above. Woops. Stupid me. :shame: If I see any larges I will let you know. I will probably be going to the San Diego LC a lot.
  11. Thanks Kirsten, you're the best!!!
  12. Bakuhatsu, finally get to see your Black ZB. :love:
    Thanks for sharing your collection with us.
  13. Absolutely love your zip bowler and its divine leather lining! :love: Thanks for the gorgeous pics!
  14. Your family is adorable! You gotta figure out a way to take them all out on a trip. Thanks so much for sharing, and good luck with their next baby!
  15. you have a very lovely collection! :love:

    im liking the zip bowler :drool: