Introducing My Small but Mighty H Family :)

  1. Congrats on your 3 H beauties! The colors on all of them are tdf!
  2. ABSOLUTELY the BESTEST ever!! Without her I wouldn't be able to break through the H wall :biggrin:
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  3. Loving every single one of your bags in your neutrals collection!
  4. This has to be the cutest Hermes modeling pic ever!

    Love your bag choices! Congrats
  5. Thank you for sharing! Super pretty bags and all stunners :heart:
  6. I love your collection; especially your Kelly!
  7. Gorgeous collection!!! We are twins on the K, it's such a fantastic bag. I would love to be twins with you on the Roulis and the kitties!!!!
    Best bow tie use ever!!!
  8. So cute, and lovely!
  9. They are all beautiful :heart:amazing collection!
  10. Beautiful bag collection...excellent colors...and so timelessly beautiful! Congratulations!!!
  11. Perfect bags you chose there. Love them all. :smile: