Introducing My Small but Mighty H Family :)

  1. Beautiful collection and well chosen! Love all of it! I got a Blue nuit B25 but I think this color looks even better in a Kelly! Fantastic! Congrats and enjoy!
  2. Beautiful bags! Love love love bleu nuit, and the roulis is very special (they all are, actually).
  3. Starting with a bang!! You have a great mix of neutrals and styles...very nice to start out a collection with these babies!!
  4. Beautiful collection, congratulations!
  5. Wow thats fast, welcome to the H side! Congrats on your beautiful bags and your cat is adorable :heart:
  6. congrats ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Wow! Beautiful and amazing collection! Love the neutral colors and the variations in your collection! Have a great day
  8. Beautiful collection! Love it
  9. Wow! All bags are just a stunning! Many congrats!
  10. I love them all!
  11. Thankyou so much for the warm welcome from everyone! :P

    To give you a little background on my H journey :amuse: DH was in the market to gift me a K since November last year, I was kindly intro'd to the BEST SA ever at H Madison (by the same friend that got me the K eventually), got vetted after a pretty easy multiple-item purchase (I was going to purchase items for gifting for the holidays anyway). The SA had been so kind to keep looking out for K's but I had been turning down all of the offers since I really wanted to have a dark neutral as my very first H bag. My DH was super sweet and gifted me (or our cats?) 2 mini bowties for Xmas to tide me over, due to by that time we still hadn't been able to purchase one of my preferences (see below for cute pic!).

    IMG_0198 (1).JPG

    it wasn't until 1st week of March that my dear friend by chance went to the store and the same SA showed her 2 (!) BLEU NUIT 28cm K's, one with PHW and one GHW, and suggested that perhaps she should alert me right away to join her or purchase on my behalf! She quickly jumped on it for me and got me my very first K :biggrin: and the rest is history!
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  12. Great scores in such a short time. I cant help it but drooling all over that C with rghw.
  13. Your cats look so adorable in their bow ties!
  14. Lovely collection!
  15. Your friend sounds like the best ever, just sayin