Introducing My Small but Mighty H Family :)

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    Hi everyone!

    First post here on H forum after a very long hiatus from TPF (Chanel and Celine forums mainly), introducing my small but mighty H bag family accumulated over the course of just the last 2 months!! All bags were purchased at H Madison...

    Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure -

    1) K28 / Bleu Nuit / Togo / PHW - a dear friend kindly used her quota for me!
    2) Roulis Mini / Noir / Evergrain / GHW - love the clever spring toggle strap closure and the discrete shape
    3) Constance 24cm / Etoupe / Epsom / RGHW - obsessed with RGHW

    I'm dying for a K25, Kelly mini II and Constance mini next... hopefully I can get one of these babies when I go to Paris for my birthday week in July!



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  2. Gorgeous new collection! You have a nice variety of colors and styles. RGH and Etoupe is beautiful.

    I'm waiting for a K28 SO in bleu nuit....seeing yours makes me so excited.

    Enjoy your H bags!
  3. All three bags are gorgeous! Love the different styles and different hardware - especially the RGHW. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted as your H family grows!
  4. Welcome to h world
    Drooling collection you have
  5. Love everything! Congratulations :heart::nuts:
  6. All soooo beautiful! I especially like bleu nuit on the Kelly..congratulations on these great bags and much more H to come ....
  7. Lovely collection and neutral colours that can be easily combined. You really jumped fast into the orange side. I also like that you chose bags in different leathers! For me H is all about the leathers and craftmanship.
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  8. That's quite some scores for 2 months!!!! Congrats and welcome !!!! The rghw is so stunning on your c!!!!
  9. Yes!
  10. You are on a roll! Beautiful neutral colored bags, and it seem your cat approve it too :biggrin:. Blue nuit is in my wishlist! Congratulations & I hope you will have another amazing find on for your birthday in Paris! :heart:
  11. What a stunning collection! Perfect neutrals and super special ones at that too! Congrats. That RGHW is tdf
  12. What great choices!
    The Blue Nuit is such a beautiful blue and the Etoupe Constance is gorgeous but ohhh ... that Roulis is a stunner, I absolutely love the hardware on the Roulis.
    Many congrats on a gorgeous collection.
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  13. Wow! Congratulations! You have a wonderful trio! Such sophisticated bags with incredible choice of leathers and hardware!
  14. Congrats! Your collection is beautiful! I love the RGHW on the C!
  15. Wonderful collection! Very pretty kitty who clearly has discerning taste for the finer things!