Introducing my new(to me) Ali.. and outlet purchases!

Apr 25, 2007
Remember a while back that I bought a black Ali off ebay? It was an impulse purchase.. I got her today!! After I paid the seller contacted me and told me she was a TPF'er!! Well, she sent the bag and I was expecting it and then she got it sent back to her because she wrote the address out wrong (OOPS!) She emailed me right away and told me about the mix up and well, she was picked up at the post office by me today and I love her! To make up for the mix up she sent a really cute peace sign charm along with the bag. I totally forgot to take a pic of it but you can kinda see it hanging on the side.

I also went to the outlet today to get my hubby a wallet.. and I picked up a black sig ergo tote and black/gunmetal wallet. I want the gunmetal tote one day so I figured I would get the wallet while I could.

I had to remind my DH that I sold $1,300 worth of stuff on ebay and that pretty much paid for the splurge I had this week. That made him a little happier because he thought though I had just went crazy with a credit card or something.

Oh and he loves his wallet! :tup:

The goods.


I put my butterfly on the ergo and I think it looks cute there! I never really was a black bag girl but I like these.


Live Love Coach
Jun 20, 2007
YAY I'm so glad you love her! And so nice to see she arrived safe and sound :smile: Enjoy! I did so love her but she was a bit too big and too heavy for me (I'm a tiny gal). I am however loving the Hippie Ali that I got after I rehomed Black Ali though! Much more my size!


Cupcake Lover <3
Aug 12, 2006
Great new purchases! What a deal on that ali!

I love that gunmetal wallet and the ergo tote! The outlets have been so great lately! It looks great with that pop of red from the butterfly fob!

CONGRATS on your fab deals!


Apr 1, 2008
I love your bags! I'm a big fan of the gun metal look and it seems to be popping up quite a bit here... and I'm glad to hear that even though your seller made a mistake she made it up to you ... it's good to know that there are still decent sellers out there :tup:- it seems like for every good seller story there's 3 bad ones to accompany it..