Introducing my new Thalassa Blue Birkin

  1. Some of you were so nice to share the excitement of my discovering this gem on eBay that I wanting to tell you all how totally thrilled I am with to have found this piece and thank you all for your help, :smile:.
    A few months ago, my store had messed up a SO on a BB birkin and ever since there has really been a whole in my collection and a longing for the right blue....this is definitely the perfect blue for me. I took my this Birkin into my shop and although it was listed as being 'boxcalf' both my SA and I really believe that it is 'chamonix', due to the slightly matted sheen, which suites me just fine as I adore Chamonix and of course it wasn't available for order. So, without further ado, I will show off my Thalassa Blue Chamonix 35 cm. Birkin w/ 35cm... she isn't the least bit shy, so there is no need for teasing, :smile:.

    (I may need to try a couple of times w/ posting the pics, because I am not good w/ that part!)


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  2. Woooohoo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me give you a hand, MrsM!!!

  3. YAY! Just beautiful!!! We need some action pics please! Congrats!
  4. I love that color, and the pelican is just perfect for her....

    I am so thrilled for you MrsM. You deserve this lovely bag and I hope you wear her in long excellent health and happiness.

    Congratulations, dear!!!
  5. Wow, that is just beautiful! Congrats!
  6. Thanks CB...I just cannot do the pics thing to save my life, but you get the drift and I had just stuffed it w/ a towel so that is why it looks a tad boxy, I have to flatten that thing out.
  7. Congratulations, MrsMorris!!!:drinkup:

  8. What a fabulous birkin! Congrats!
  9. She is beautiful, MrsM! You are very lucky to have her.

    Is she a Thalassa with top stitch? She's gorgeous. Although I am still mad that you are not buying that air ticket to tokyo, but at least you have spent the $$$ on something with lots and lots of class.

  10. Thank you, ms.f.,CB, RC, and Gigi !!!
    ms.f: I don't know if I am up for a modelling shot, but I will certainly consider it, :smile:.
    I have carried it for the last two days straight, which I rarely do after getting a new bag, but I had been wanting blue for quite awhile that I have many many outfilt to go through, :p.
  11. Oh wow! I love Thalassa! What a treasure! Congratulations!!!! She is truly magnificent!
  12. congrats MrsM!! :party::party:
  13. Oh sweetie! What a perfect Birkin for you and it is absolutely DIVINE!

    I do believe that TB is one of the best of all H colors!!! So yummy!

    Enjoy in the best of health! You deserve it!:heart::heart::heart:
  14. Killer Thalassa :heart: Birkin, MrsMorris!
  15. congrats on your beautiful birkin. wow, so stunning. i thought it was box too until closer look. very unique!