Introducing..My New Saddle PomPom GGH w/ PICS~*

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  1. I've had her since New Year but don't have a chance to post some pics. Now it's time to present my beloved POMPOM. I just started to take her out this week and got many compliments from my friends. I'm so in love with this style and especially this color. Saddle is my favorite brown. It can match with most of my everyday outfits, giving a vintage look when carrying it. I'm totally in love with it!! :yahoo:

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I have never seen this style in the color/GH combination before! Congratulations on your beautiful bag!
  3. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  4. Very Cool... I spotted a lady rocking her Ruby GCH Pom Pom yesterday too... crossbody style. My sis & I were just "Staring!!" Loves it!! Would love to see some modelin pics when yah get a chance... and COngrats!
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Here are some more pics ^,^ Hope you guys enjoy!!

    With flash:


  7. I'll try to post my modeling pics later this week. Thanks for all comments :smile:
  8. So beautiful!
    GGH looks great with saddle. It totally has the vintage feel you mentioned.
  9. Wow congrats! Your Saddle's leather is tdf! :drool::drool:
  10. Beautiful! Love the color, leather - everything.
  11. fabulous! :heart:
  12. Wow! Your GGH Saddle is so pretty! The leather looks really really good and I love the color! CONGRATS! Can't wait to see modeling pics!
  13. Irresistible!
  14. Lovely! Can't wait to see modeling pics!!
  15. Love saddle! This color isn't given enough credit. I recently purchased a saddle RH city and being a brown bag lover find it is the prettiest brown in my collection of bags. Love it with GGH! Wow!!