Introducing my new Ink Weekender !!

  1. My Ink Weekender has arrived from BalNY and I am in loooove with her!!
    These pics were taken tonite after dark, but in the daytime (in sunlight) she is quite a bit more purple-y. :love:
    Ink Full.jpg Ink empty.jpg
  2. Congrats pursendipity!!! :nuts: I love it! Ink is such an amazing color! :heart:
  3. :nuts: oooh lovely color
  4. oh I love the ink when it's purpley! Gorgeous... Congratulations sweetie! =)
  5. Just:whaowww:love: !
  6. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, she's a beauty pursendipity :wlae:...congratulations & welcome to the ink weekender club!!!
  7. :love: :love: Wow!!! I love your bag.... Congratulations!!!! :heart: :P
  8. CONGRATS!! Lovely bag...
  9. congrats, I just love the color!
  10. Congrats! It is a beauty
  11. Congrats!!! It's beautiful!:yahoo:
  12. :yahoo: Whoo hoo! Gorgeous!:yahoo:
  13. NICE!! Love the 'Ink' color. Congratulations!
  14. Love the ink - and the bag is gorgeous. Congrats on getting a beauty!!!
  15. gorgeous color, congrats!