Introducing my new Gerard Darel!

  1. Wanted to share my new find with you gals...I love it!! :heart:

    Introducing my Gerard Darel bag. It's a Charlotte (I think). I love its REALLY SMOOSHY leather. It's also the perfect size for everyday schlepping around!!

    Here are some pix...

    My Balenciaga Silver boobie got into the act, too. And - ack - please excuse my dirty mirror!!!:push:
    Gerard Darel hanging.JPG Gerard Darel w boobie.JPG Gerard Darel on crook.JPG Gerard Darel on arm.JPG
  2. i was just gonna do a search on gerard darel bags! it looks lovely! does it fit comfortably on your shoulder? do you know if that style is available in a smaller size?
  3. Oh my!!! Me likey redney! If you don't mind me asking, how much do they retail?
  4. Very nice!! The leather looks so smooshy!
  5. I saw a red patent one at Neimans the other day, it was $395. I think that is the SRP for the *basic* Charlotte 24hrs. I have one also with the chain handles, and it was $495 I believe.
  6. i think it's cute. is it heavy?
  7. VERY nice!! Congrats :smile:
  8. OOoh very pretty :smile: congrats!
  9. Great bag! I have the flap satchel in brown and love it. The leather and construction are high quality, and the bag is very light for such a large size. I hope that some more US stores start to carry this brand. I'd love to get a black like yours. I missed the one at Ann's Fabulous Finds.
  10. At the risk of sounding like a dork-what is that boobie attached to the bag?:push:
  11. Lovely congratulations.
  12. Very nice! Where did you find it?
  13. Just beautiful! Congrats :smile: The flap stachel was on sale at NM awhile back and I was tempted more than once to snap it up! I will keep my eye out for another one in the future ;)
  14. I love it!

    I got a GD on sale at NM awhile back but ended up sending it back to buy something else... I'm still kicking myself!
  15. congrats!!! this is the best bag ever!!! i love it! i can't live without it!!