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  1. here is the gorgeous bag that took me well over a month to finally get my hands on.
    introducing - hamptons signature stripe large carryall in brown; #11072. i paid $197 for it!

    [these are the only pictures i could get before my camera died.]



    all by herself.


    with matching wallet [$107]

  2. a beauty! congra'ts.
  3. Pretty bag!!
  4. Chocolate is so sweeeet!!! Enjoy!!
  5. Looks like a wonderful candy bar! :love: Coach chocolate is my favorite!
  6. :tup::tup:
  7. Very nice purse. Congrats!!
  8. Gorgeous! It's so pretty in that color.
  9. I love this bag! Congrats
  10. I have a Hamptons Carryall that I LOVE, aren't they fabulous bags!

  11. So pretty- love the chocolate!
  12. The matching wallet really sets her off! Congratulations.
  13. Nice! That is a gorgeous bag and the color is so rich looking! I love chocolate!
  14. nice!
  15. Congrats!!!!!!