Introducing my new baby boy...

  1. "Loki" ! (norse God of Mischeive and trickery, I'm told!)
    So far he lives up to his name. He in only 8 weeks old and is going to be GIANT I think!
    He is a golden doodle (1/2 standard poodle and 1/2 golden retrieiver) When he isnt being sneaky, he is an absolute love!
  2. oops...forgot photo...
    OK working on it....
  3. Awwww yay I can't wait to see pictures :nuts:
  4. Ta Da!
  5. What a cutie!!! :love:
  6. so adorable.
  7. awwww he is super cute! He is huge for being 8 wks old.
  8. Oh he is gorgeous. I have a friend here who has one of those she calls the breed, Spoodle LOL
  9. awwwwwwwwwwww pupples!!! :smile: SOOOOOOOO cute
    he is def gonna be a giant doggy ;) so cuddly and amazing!
  10. OMG!!!

    What a cutie pie doggie!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

    ahhhhh soooo cute, give him a huge hug for me :wlae:

  11. Oh, he looks like he's going to be a lot of fun! What a handsome guy!
  12. adorable! He is soooo cute! Love the name!:yes:
  13. So cute!!
  14. OHHHHHH!!! I just want to jump into the screen and squeeze him!!

    Insanely adorable!
  15. Aww, so cute!