Introducing my Mono Hudson GM!

  1. I have my bf to thank for my first mono piece: introducing my Hudson GM :smile: He attended a wedding with me this weekend and I carried around a dinky little epi Honfleur. He told me he wanted to get me a nicer bag :smile: So we picked one out together and the Hudson GM was the bag that we both agreed looked best on me.

    Odd that I chose mono since I am not a big mono fan probably because, and I mean no offense, I've become somewhat desensitized to it from seeing mono Speedies, Noe, Alma, etc. on a daily basis. However, I really love this bag because it's so versatile and different. I can wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody. It's the perfect size, I love the zippers and I just LOVE the Marc Jacobs style. I also have never seen this bag on anyone IRL, which makes it a bit more interesting :smile: I'm so excited! Ah I love my bf.

  2. Great bag ! Great pictures too! Congrats !
  3. thank you. why don't more women carry this bag? i think it's functional and stylish!...
  4. congrats on the lovely bag!! :biggrin: it's about time you let him buy you a nice LV piece! ;)

    i think women don't think of this because it's pricey for one and for that price, they rather get a classic hand held like a manhattan. i love the hudson though!
  5. I've only seen one lady wear this gorgeous bag. She had just purchased it at South Coast Plaza and decided to wear it right away. It is such a beautiful bag. Congratulations! Nice and thoughtful BF!!
  6. I've stalked the Hudson on eBay for months.... but it's just not on my wishlist for now....

    and- AS ALWAYS- - very nice purchase and lovely photos!!! Congrats!!
  7. congrats on your nice bag and bf!
  8. Aww soo sweet of your bf!!! I wish my bf would buy me a purse .. he doesnt support my purse habit anymore! :confused1: The bag looks great as a messenger too, CONGRATS!! :smile:
  9. Lovely pictures as always..
  10. Congrats!

    You always look good and I love that Toywatch!

    I keep checking Holt Renfrew for the mother of pearl face Toywatch and they never have it! :hysteric:
  11. thank you gals :love:
  12. Great bag! It kinda reminds me of the Manhattan but it's more practical! Your bf is so sweet!
  13. Congrats Mich! I've been meaning to get this bag! Looks fantastic on you!
  14. Very nice!! Congrats ichelle! My neighbor has the regular Hudson shoulder bag. I always admire it when I see her with it.

    BTW, I just bought a TOY watch this weekend. Not as nice as yours though. I just bought the regular sport style with blue/black trim/face. Has yours held up well? I'm excited to wear it this week!
  15. yay! thank you mj! it is so comfy. and yes, jellybebe, it's very similar to the manhattan.
    hi luvpurses24. yay for your toywatch. i've had mine for about a year and i think i just need to replace the battery soon. other than that, i wear it every day with no probs.
    arnott, they don't have the mother of pearl there? have you tried their site?