Introducing my Modern Chain Family

  1. Introducing my first flap and my modern chain. My modern chain has some issues. But I am beginning to love her anyway. Both bags are glazed. Sorry for the bad pic.
  2. very cute family! That flap is ultra cool.
  3. Love both of them!!!
  4. A beautiful family you have! I really like the flap!
  5. The flap looks yummy:p
  6. oo, very pretty!
  7. What a beautiful family! :heart::heart::heart:
  8. Love your family!!! :heart:
  9. LOVE them both - such HOT bags!!!
  10. love them!!
  11. Beautiful! The MC tote is on my wishlist too!
  12. Both gorgeous!!:heart:
  13. This is my fav line.
  14. Lovely!
  15. nice :smile: