Introducing my large black Paris-Biarritz Tote!

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  1. I think this bag is hot! Congrats!
  2. thats hot!
  3. Bag looks great on you. You should see what I look like when I clean...
  4. beautiful bag!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. I think it looks fab on you!!! Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words! My boyfriend calls that hairdo my "Marge Simpson 'do". lol. But I really, really like this bag so thanks to everyone for the compliments! There's more bags coming! I'm out of control right now! :nuts:
  8. Looks fab on you! Love it!
  9. that bag is hot on you! Can't wait to see more.
  10. gorgeous! it looks great on you, hope you have a nice trip to Toronto!
  11. I titally agree with everyone else...that bag looks fabulous on you! I *think* that's the bag I keep seeing advertised lately. Is it light (when it's empty), because it looks like it might be, and then you can really load it up!
  12. Oh my, you look so great in the pictures - love your hair.

    Great pictures!!! I agree you make the bag come alive!
    Because, before seeing it on you - it was just so-so.

    Thanks for posting.;)
  13. The bag looks fab on you, esp wt that hair! You look great!
  14. I like it alot. I haven't seen it IRL yet, but it looks like a great work bag too (hmmm).

    It looks fab on you. It's a keeper for sure.

  15. u look great!!!congratz!