Introducing my Gorgeous Miroir Hearts & Cosmetics Case !!!!

  1. Hiya Everyone!
    I was totally supprised with a trip to LV today by my mom!
    And we went to LV and asked for the Heart coin purses & The SA said " Sorry they have all sold out this morning ! " I just went :wtf: :oh: but then my mom said "Then i will take ours please" i just went :wtf::nuts:!!!! The SA pulled out TWO heart purses one in Silver one in Gold!!! Then she brought out the Silver cosmetics case and i didn't expect to like it but i loved it! It's gorgeous and it would be perfect as a little clutch!
    we asked the price and it was £185 same as the purses which was great because i expected them to be more expensive!

    So here are some pictures!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. wow, that's fast, it was launched only today in my store. great items, great price, clients love them
  4. OMG!!! You are soooo lucky! Can you do me a favor and provide dimensions for the cosmetic case? Is the lining leather? I want to get one, but still haven't decided on the color. Congratulations!!!
  5. OMG Congrats !!! So stunning, I will see you with these soon LOL :p
  6. That's so friggin awesome! Your mum sure does have good taste.

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  7. Wow, they look simply AMAZING! Congrats!
  8. that was quick! they're gorgeous, congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  9. wow.. those are awsome.. congrats..
    makes me drool again...:p
  10. Very cute, congrats!
  11. Woweeee! Congrats and thanks for the quick posting! Oh your mom is sooo cool, btw!
  12. Yummy - they are TDF
  13. Congrats!
    I'm drooling on my keyboard :p
  14. ohhh my god!!! soooooo pretty.. i love love looove the hearts!

  15. Congratulations..... your new Miroir accessories are simply gorgeous!! Enjoy!!

    I called the LV stores that I'm wait listed at here in the US and all of the stores told me that the Miroir accessories launch date will be pushed out to Feb. 1st now :confused1: