Introducing my golden girl! WITH PICS!!!!

  1. At last, here is a photo of my latest and most gorgeous acquisition - my 30cm Gold Togo Birkin with Palladium - being modelled by the undiscovered supermodel of our age - my daughter in her pyjamas!

    Despite the appalling photography and the reluctant model, I :heart: this golden girl who has brought joy to my wardrobe and nestles so happily next to my 35cm Black Clemence Birkin!
  2. Oh no! I can't see the pics!
  3. Me neither:sad:
  4. Oh bother, I can, but obviously that isn't the point! I'll try again, but it may be tomorrow now as I am late for a dinner and should have logged off ten minutes ago.

    What an idiot - more soon, with photos, I promise!
  5. I can't see anything either.
  6. :woohoo:...:shrugs:....:sad:....:crybaby:

    I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. omgd rose, that is my favorite yet.
  9. ms sooky - don't leave us hanging!!!!!

    i bet it's a gorgeous bag!

    rose, your little "pets" crack me up! i want the one with pizza! LOL
  10. Yeah, I totally need to see this bag! Screw dinner with hubby! What about your friends on the forum?? Geez. Some people with their messed up priorities ...

    :winkiss: :lecture: :wondering

  11. Here you go pazt, [​IMG]

    Eat up, you are eating for two [​IMG].....:heart: :heart:
  12. enjoy dinner sooky~~
    wait to see pics tomo~~
  13. I can't wait to sounds gorgeous!!! I just love gold!!:heart::heart:
  14. No pics? No worries. I am already very entertained by Rose's cutesy smilies! Where do you find such cute stuff? :yes: (it's a rhetorical question):heart:
  15. Oh no, I cant handle these threads.
    Lucky we have Rose entertain us while we wait!