Introducing..My First TOILET BAG~!!

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  1. Woohoo~!! :yahoo:My first ever Toilet Case in Blueberry~!! :love: featuring also my Rouge Vif Day..and my foot..which is not supposed to be there :p haha...excuse my foot. Was wayyy too focused on taking the pix. This is a birthday present from my NO I haven't broken my ban~!!



    Oh, my BI City, Grey Work and Lilac first are not here in Singapore with me..missing them very much :crybaby:
  2. I love Blueberry. Congrats:yahoo: and the leather looks yummy.:drool:
  3. Thank you Nanaz~!! I'm loving her very much..was definitely looking for someone to share her beauty with :wlae:
  4. I love these toilet cases in the bright colors! ESpecially blueberry!

    and look at those pretty little toes!
  5. Thanks Oh Donna! haha..i've always LOVED the blueberry colour :love: but my best friend got a part time blueberry so I couldn't really get one. We see each other like everyday, can't be carrying the same colour bag :sad:

    And my toes...good thing it's pretty far away, my nail polish is about to peel :p whops!
  6. love the blueberry and i love the color of your nail polish too hahaha i want a bbag in that color, that would be so cute for night outs!
  7. Congrats! I love the toilet case, and it look gorgeous in blueberry, I want one too :nuts:
  8. Cute! I love Bal accessories! Enjoy!
  9. love it, congrats.
  10. LOVE IT! I bought a grenat one from Donna and it comes in SO handy! ENJOY!!
  11. kaka: Thanks for the compliment on my nail polish it too!
    azure: you should DEFINITELY consider one~! I don't know how versatile it's gonna be yet, but will let you know later~!!
    cracker: This is actually my first bal accessory~..always wanted one but always ended up saving more money so I could get a big one instead hehe
    Glamourette: Thanks~!! Always nice to have others enjoy my babies as well!!
    MRG: Will def enjoy her~!! Can't wait for tomorrow so I can take her out =P
  12. Yummy scrummy colour and love you day bag!!!!!!!
  13. I AM considering one :graucho: It'd be great if you'd let me know how versatile it is when you've used for a while! (I'll probably get one in a few months in either case because it looks so great :lol:)
  14. Congrats !!!!!
    Really cute !!!!!!!!
  15. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    What a great Birthday present! Happy Birthday!:smile: