Introducing my first Tano-Art House in Dark Chocolate!


Mar 25, 2008
As a newbie in the Tano forum, let me first introduce myself. I have been in a love affair with purses since high school (10 years now!), and have been collecting mid-range designers for a few years. I have had Botkier, Hayden Harnett, Coach, Treesje, and lots of Rebecca Minkoff.

I have been searching for an everyday, kick around jeans and t-shirt brown bag for about two years now. The closest I got was a Cordovan HH Havana, but my mom fell in love with it, so I gave it to her. My true problem was HW color; most designers use gold-I wear only silver and platinum.

I started lurking in the Tano SF, and you know what I noticed? Silver HW! YAY! Enter the Art House in Dark Chocolate-well made, smells delicious, with silver HW. She has a good strap drop, fits a metric ton, and really just has a beautiful shape. The color is very rich, like a dark roast coffee. The leather feels a little dry right out of the box, kind of like a leather bomber jacket (does that make sense?) I'm going to lexol condition her in just a few moments.

All photographs taken in natural light, with my cell phone (HTC Incredible, 8MP, no flash.) Inside you see a Rebecca Minkoff Kiss & Makeup pouch in silver snake, a RM Cory pouch in navy luxe, medium Vera Bradley make up pouch in Call Me Coral, and a Vera Bradley turnlock wallet in Purple Punch. You can't see my hairbrush, nail file case, reading glasses, and keys. It really fits a lot!

Novel over, thanks for reading! I love it !:yahoo:


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