Introducing my first Loewe - Large Bowling Bag from the Traveller Collection~

  1. hi all, it's been a few months since i last got a bag (in june) and coming on to TPF countless times a day definitely doesn't help in my resistance to buying here i am, once again guilty of retail (although i've just ordered an YSL RG from NM 10 days ago, haha!)

    i was walking around at the local shopping area with some friends visiting from HK on saturday and in one of the department stores we stumbled across a Loewe sale!! this was definitely a pleasant surprise as we had past by 2 Loewe boutiques earlier in a different area but did not find any appealing deals so we rushed in and had to fight 2 other women for the bags we wanted.

    here she is - the Loewe Large Bowling Bag from the Traveller Collection, released in F/W06 in celebration of the Spanish brand's 160th anniversary! it is a reissue of the vintage piece which was a huge hit in 1970. :heart:

    (excuse the stock photos, i will try to take pics of my own later.)

    the bag retails for around USD$1,380 but was 50% off, it's just too good of a deal to pass up for a well-made leather bag from a prestiged brand! :graucho: my HK friend ended up getting the same one i got so we could be bag twins, hehe. i got it in the beige color as pictured, and in the larger size as shown in the last photo.

    the measurements are H26*W34*D12 and it's a very structred/boxy bag, different from the slouchy types i usually go for. i think it's a nice change and will be suitable for both work and travel.

    HOWEVER, my bf thought the style was too old lady-ish...and i started having second please kindly share your thoughts with me~ thank you ladies!! :wlae:
    loewe1.jpg loewe2.jpg loewe3.jpg loewe4.jpg
  2. Such a gorgeous bag! I love the shape and color. When you see a bag that you can't pass up and you are banned, you simply cannot walk away. It is best not to let the deal slip you by. Congratulations!
  3. It's great! I love LOEWE!
  4. A beautiful the shape and the colour...Congrats!
  5. It's beautiful!
  6. thank you guys~~ i'm glad you like it!! :smile:
  7. IT'S GORGEOUS!! Congrats!!
  8. It's a beautiful bag...congratulations on such a great find!
  9. It definitely is a very best buy, and it is NOT an old lady-ish style. Don't listen to what men say. lol....

    I wish there were U.S. stores carry Loewe.
  10. It's a beautiful bag. Congrats!
  11. The shape is very classy and elegant and you can't go wrong with the color! And not common to find 50% off bags in October, so I would have gone for it, too!

    There is a Loewe store here in Hawaii, and usually when I go in the store has no other customers. But they must be doing okay because the rent at Ala Moana Shopping Center is rather high, I hear! Someday maybe I'll find something just as nice and at a great price!
  12. Hi,

    Your bag is absolutely stunning! I love it. Everything about it. The color is just beautiful. I don't feel it's "old ladyish" in the least. I would carry it in a NY minute, and now have another bag to add to my list.

    I adore Loewe. I have only one of their handbags that I bought in Paris about 10 years ago -- a gorgeous bronze patent leather bag. I loved that bag until I felt it should be "retired". My sister asked for it and she now carries it from time to time.
  13. you ladies really are the best! your sweet comments made me so happy and reaffirmed my feelings for the bag. thank you all!!!

    and yes, Loewe is indeed adorable. the craftsmanship is incredible, the styling simple yet elegantly classic, the leather divine...oh i could go on and on. :smile:

    next on my list is their signature Amazona bag in either metallic lambskin or dark suede!
  14. i like old lady bags.... it's so classic
  15. Loewe bags are very well-made. Congrats to you and your friend on finding such a good deal!