Introducing My First Jimmy Choo....Slick Black Rana

  1. Hi girls, this is my first Jimmy Choo ever! I'm so excited and in love with it. I got it from Scoop NYC on sale for $599!!
    jc1.jpg jc2.jpg jc3.jpg jc4.jpg jc5.jpg
  2. So very Classy and Chic! :yes:

    Congrats on your Great Buy and First Choo Bag :woohoo:
  3. Great bag - congrats!
  4. Welcome!! Nice choice, enjoy your Rana!!
  5. I love your bag!
    and wow - what a great deal!
    Welcome to "Choo-ville"
  6. Congrats! And what a great deal! Enjoy your first's only the beginning!
  7. The first bag of many! Yay for you on your first Choo at such a deal.
  8. Congratulations & Welcome Carmen82:yahoo:

    Your new Choo is a beauty and I am sure it will be the first of many to come :graucho:

    Enjoy it :choochoo::choochoo:
  9. Ohhh. Good deal on a beautiful classic bag!
    Welcome to Chooville:welcome::party:
  10. :drinkup: Cheers Carmen82! Great deal! Enjoy her!
  11. What an amazing, beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  12. $599!!!!!! OMG! How on earth did you find such an amazing deal? Lucky you! Enjoy it!
  13. gorgeous! love that it has a zipper! congratsss
  14. wonderful carmen.:tup: congrats and welcome to choo!:yes:
    wear her in the best of health!:flowers:
  15. Great the bag...I just got my first Choo at a great deal also.