Introducing My First Hermes Bag!!!

  1. I'm very excited to share with everyone my very first (and hopefully not last) Hermes bag! Thank you to everyone on this forum for helping me with all my questions and sharing your wonderful bags/experiences.

    No long strip tease here...just a small unveiling and body shots of course (because I know you guys will ask me for them!)
    IMG_8315_2.jpg IMG_8316.jpg
  2. Keep it coming! By posting only 2 pics, it's still classified as a striptease! No striptease means posting the pic of the naked bag in your original post!
  3. He he. No "long" striptease...

    I couldn't resist (now it's my turn)!
  4. I have to enjoy every step. Loved the feeling of pulling that ribbon right off!
    IMG_8317.jpg IMG_8318.jpg
  5. I guess it's just you and me, mrssparkles! I have no idea why the dustcover is orange and not the new beige since the bag is definitely new 1997...
  6. Woo hoo! Here is my first Hermes bag...28cm sellier black box Kelly GHW!!! I am completely in love!
    IMG_8320.jpg IMG_8326.jpg IMG_8328.jpg
  7. Oh, it's a Kelly:drool: It's perfect!!!

    Well worth the little strip tease:yahoo:
  8. 2007, you mean? Don't worry about the colour of the dustbags. Hermes still has some of these orange covers. Slowly but surely, all the dustbags will be beige.
  9. Oh..this is a strip tease...whether you want to admit it or not...:p
  10. Wowee did you go from what you were asking all those questions about to this????

    Completely opposite...but still gorgeous!!!!:heart:
  11. WOW!!!! Gorgeous! This is a perfect Kelly IMO! I love selliers. Black box and GHW! You scored good! CONGRATULATIONS!

  12. Please post your pictures in the Reference section for all of us to refer to time and time again, OK?! :jammin:
  13. Takes your breath away... enjoy!!
  14. LOVE it!!! A beautiful classic. Congrats!
  15. Mmmmm, black box with gold hardware. A girl after my own heart.