Introducing my extended Chloe family

  1. Dear all,
    At the beginning of november, it was only my chocolate baby paddy and me...

    But soon a new member joined us... my all time favourite chocolate medium Betty was here before Christmas!

    In January, i was overbid on a wallet and ended up ordering a baby from a different breed... she's beautiful, though...

    After that, i fell off the wagon and got a beautiful muscade regular Paddy off eBay from a tPFer... I am afraid this one wont be a keeper... for reasons explained below...

    Finally, and after waiting anxiously for over 10 days and being ripped off 110 euros by Customs (despite being marked as a gift!) I got a gorgeous whiskey Edith from one of the loveliest tPFer...

    So, you are right, ALL of them are brownish and there is no bay yet... so after seriously thinking about a large black betty which turned out to be too big for me... i just ordered a black quilted bay from LVR!

    I am broke, but I am also a very lucky woman...

    I will be on the strictest ban until the summer.... anyone is welcome to tell me off if I ever mention bidding/purchasing another bag...
  2. Lucky you! The Black Quilted Bays at LVR were calling out loudly, weren't they! I heard that call, too![​IMG]
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy (and at least you can safely show us all your latest bag purchases![​IMG]
    (I wanted to post pics of my Moka Bay but the new digital camera is killing me. I will try later...)[​IMG]
  3. OMG you have the most beautiful collection of bags! I might think that cuz I own two of them myself and all my bags seem to be brown too??

    I must say your betty is stunning, I never really got the betty but seeing it in that colour has changed my mind! Please post when ur bay arrives, i'm considering one in brown (he he) and would love to see it beside a paddy for size???

    ENJOY your fabulous collection
  4. Thank you, Brigitte and Cat... They are beautiful... The betty is lighter than the pic, though...
    I forgot to add a BIG THANK YOU TO THE AUTHENTICATORS WHO HELPED ME IN THESE PURCHASES... My family (Chloe family, not flesh family...) and I are very grateful!
  5. You have such a beautiful collection. I love the betty. It is a shame they dont make them anymore. I ordered the black bay as well off LVR:smile:
  6. A very beautiful family.:heart:
  7. Beautiful collection, I like the browns too--so rich looking:smile:
  8. I am IMPRESSED!!!! They're fab!
  9. They are all SO STUNNING and remind me why I fell in love with Chloe in the first place :heart::yes: Wear them in good health and good times!
  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous bags. You done good girl :tup:
  11. You sure did pull off an amazing collection in a very short time! Well done Maria! Those browns do look so sophisticated and beautiful but I agree with Susie that the NEXT one has to be something CRAZY colorwise.
  12. Thank you all...
    Maybe the next after next purchase, since I was so depressed :sad:not to be getting a beautiful large black betty from a fellow tPFer than I just ordered a medium black quilted bay from LVR... :wlae:
  13. Totally digging Bag Ban. We can be Bag Ban Buddies (BBB)!! But that's okay, we have great purses to help us from falling off the 'proverbial wagon'.

    Congrats on your beautiful collection. Chloe are like chips; we can't eat just one?
  14. Yes, Chloes are like Pringles... Sometimes I just have to take three at a time, like a child... :upsidedown:
    I like the Bag Ban Buddies idea... we'll need a lot of support over the next few months:flowers:...
  15. Can I join in the club?:angel: