Introducing my colorful family & latest reveals!

  1. Hi everyone :wave:

    After a super fun but busy x'mas and new year, things are starting to settle down again. So seems like a good time to finally share my latest additions as well as my colorful and (probably) still growing family :biggrin:

    Starting first with my latest additions...i'm so happy to share with you all my FIRST boy chanel! :love:

    This one was :heart: at first sight but given how delicate and hard to find this boy was, it took me two buys and one return before I was able to find one in perfect condition. Luckily it was all worth it :graucho: Many thanks to the lovely members here that shared their thoughts with me and gave me such good advice :smile:
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG
  2. This next one was a surprise birthday gift from DH :hbeat: Surprised because he had already given me a gorgeous Cartier watch as an early birthday pressie so wasnt expecting anything else. I just love these earrings he picked and they'll always be special because of the effort he went to. He even hid it so I wouldnt find it too early and spoil the surprise :p

    These next two are from the winter sale which I was lucky to still find after coming back from hols and have also been posted to the winter sale thread :smile:
    photo 3(1).JPG photo 4(1).JPG photo(4)rev.jpg
  3. WOW...

    That was my first thought, just wow! The details are stunning. I LOVE the victorian style buckle and corners!

    Is there a special name for this boy bag? It looks like a limited edition! I've only been into the classic flaps so I don't know much about the others!

    Please show us modeling pics!
  4. OMG that boy is stunning!
  5. Congrats! That Boy is so gorgeous! I love the details. Cruise has the most gorgeous additions to the Boy collection!
  6. Great presents! Congratulations! Your Boy is gorgeous! Definitely worth all that trouble you had with it! And congratulations on your such a great DH! So thoughtful of him give you not just birthday, but also post-birthday presents! Enjoy in good health and happy birthday!
  7. Congrats on that lovely ivory boy, the beautiful earrings, tote and birthday gifts!
  8. Your Boy is such a GEM! I would say u did the right thing, goin tru all the effort in finally finding this one!
  9. And now for the family pics. I know most TPFers here start with the classic colors (beige or black) but my first chanel and subsequent ones were all the seasonal colors and it wasn't until this year, that I got my first in black (jumbo SHW) :biggrin:

    Still hoping to add the classic m/l lambskin with GHW or a beige caviar with GHW sometime but got distracted again this season with all the pretty cruise colors :p

    Btw as the family group pic is missing two of my flaps stored elsewhere - my red valentine patent and my blue/navy chanel (which was also my first) so I've added those in at the end :smile:

    Thanks for sharing my reveal :party:
    photo 1(3).JPG photo 2(1).JPG photo 3(4).JPG photo 4(4).JPG Blue roi ss09 flash small rev.jpg photo 1(4).JPG
  10. Your collection is so definitely drool-worthy!!! And the Boy is a treasure!!!! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous collection with amazing colors!
  12. Wow ur collection is amazing!!!
  13. What a beautiful collection! I love them all.
  14. That Boy is stunning! Beautiful collection! Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous collection! How about modelling pictures? :popcorn: