Introducing my candilicious pale magenta Work! Tons of pics!

  1. I just received my pale magenta Work today from Bal Paris!
    The lovely Nathalie did a great job and picked a bag with great, soft and smooth leather for me. It's a bit too glazed, but that's something that will go away fast and matte its way into uber smooshidom! :graucho:
    I love her and can't wait to break her in!

    First, the modelling pics... :shame: (to get it over with, phew :sweatdrop:)

    Then, next to her big sister, the black Work, which I have been wearing non stop since I got her two months ago!
    IMGP5131.jpg IMGP5132.jpg IMGP5136.jpg IMGP5141.jpg IMGP5175.jpg
  2. Next, comparison pics with my magenta 05 First! I love both colors but I think the 08 will be more wearable.
    Also a silly close up pic, showing my matching pale magenta manicure! :rolleyes:
    IMGP5142.jpg IMGP5143.JPG IMGP5145.JPG IMGP5154.JPG IMGP5140.JPG
  3. LOVE it!!! The leather looks great!!! Thanks for the modeling pics and the comparison pics, too :tup:!!
  4. And a few more pics. I can't get enough of that pink yummy leather! :angel:
    I got lucky, the leather on most pale magentas is too pebbly for my taste!
    IMGP5181.JPG IMGP5188.JPG IMGP5189.JPG
  5. I'm really stunned by the leather on that bag!!! It looks almost like '05. It's already draping. I think when this bag is really broken in, it's going to be INCREDIBLE :yahoo:
  6. This eyegasmic pic killed me :drool:. The leather on both is giving me heart palpitations :sweatdrop:

    And I loooooooooooooove your jeans and shoes too. What brand are they? Stunning modeling pics.

    Congrats on this gorgeous new acquisition. I love it!

    And here's my favorite saying of the day : "matte its way into uber smooshidom." :lol:


  7. What a compliment, thank you pp! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Congrats Danae.:yahoo: That bag looks fab on you.:tup: I like the Magenta on you:love: and the leather is TDF.:nuts:
  9. I LOVE the pale magenta!!!! :heart::heart::heart:I was just looking at the magenta bags this morning at Barney's and LOVING them!!!!!:love: I think you just put me over the edge~ I may have to cave and and buy me something magenta!!! Beautiful photo's!!!!! The leather on yours is perfection!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  10. :lol:
    Thanks, Deco, you are too fabulous! :heart:

    My jeans are by Massimo Dutti. They are from the new season, I just got them today, hence the cuffs, I was trying them on with heels to see how much I have to shorten them.
    The shoes are Marc by Marc Jacobs from fall 2006. They are sooo comfortable, I wear them when I go out dancing. :wlae: There's a pair on eBay now, I'll PM you the link.
  11. PiNkLiCous~!!! congrats.. looks fab on yah :tup:

    I have to add in.. that broken-in Black work looks gorgeous too~!!!
  12. Ooohhh nice!!! Unlike most I've seen that are very veiny-yours looks a lot smoother. Congrats to you for scoring such a beautiful bag!!! :smile:
  13. Your good bag kharma has come back to reward you! THis, hands down is the best looking pale magenta that I have seen now! The leather is not dry or crinkly looking, just thick chewy goodness. I am in absolute awe. What a fun bag for the upcoming seasons. My new black work dreams of being as drapey as yours.... bag envy! : )
  14. Congrats! Your pale magenta work is beautiful! I can only imagine how gorgeous it will be once it's broken-in like your black work :drool:
  15. congrats, it looks yummy!