1. Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my LV family members. I :heart: them dearly :love: Thank you for letting me share :shame:
    Photo 47.jpg Photo 46.jpg Photo 45.jpg Photo 44.jpg Photo 43.jpg
  2. Here are some more pics :yes:
    Photo 42.jpg Photo 41.jpg Photo 40.jpg Photo 39.jpg Photo 38.jpg
  3. final 2 :supacool:
    Photo 37.jpg Photo 31.jpg
  4. oops i lied...there's still 2 more pics :shame:
    Photo 22.jpg Photo 23.jpg
  5. You have a beautiful collection and they all look amazing on you. Thank you for sharing!
  6. beautiful choices. they all suit you perfectly :yes: i love the L'Aimable the best :tup: thanks for sharing!
  7. fantastic pieces!!!
  8. Great collection! They are all gorgous!
  9. love bags u got there! nice!
  10. Wow! I just saw your Chanel collection in that forum and now, your LV collection. Simply TDF! You have great taste in bags!
  11. THanks for sharing!
  12. Nice collection!!
  13. wow! what a pretty collection! i esp love your vernis piece :smile:
  14. great collection !
  15. great collection! thanks for sharing!