Introducing my beginning collection ...

  1. I've been sucked into the delicious world of BV. :love: Here's the humble start of my collection - all eBay vintage purchases. I can see where this is the thin edge of the wedge .......

    The accordian wallet's enormous, so it's a good thing the burgundy clutch came with its own! :yes:
  2. Your purses are wonderful! I love the new designs, but there's something special about the vintage bags, too. That's how I became interested in BV--some are in like-new condition. I only have one that came with the green dust bag that's in your photo. The burgundy clutch is so sleek and chic. I love them all.:love:
  3. Such a beautiful collection!
  4. Gorgeous! Love the richness of the color of all your BVs there!
  5. Love the woven wallet-So luscious!
  6. What a gorgeous collection!:love:
  7. that's a very nice collection. thanks for sharing.
  8. Luscious! :love:
  9. sweet collection! loving esp the burgandy woven clutch/wallet
  10. Great collection. Congratulations.
  11. I agree with Boxermom, there is indeed something special about the vintage bags. Enjoy your bags! ;)
  12. LOVE ya collection, especially the burgundy clutch!!

    I can't wait until I start my own BV collection too :tender:
  13. Nice collection!!! I like everything you have so far. That leather looks sumpscious!
  14. I would have to agree.
  15. Lovely, classic collection!