Introducing My Baby Girl!!

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  1. I gave birth to Ireland Lucy on Jan 9th at 4:27 am!
    I was in labor for 13 hours which isnt bad at all for the first time.
    Labor was the hardest thing I have ever done. But she was sooooo worth it!!

    That's her in my avatar. I'll upload more pics later!

    I want to thank all of you ladies for all the support you gave me during my pregnancy! My DH was deployed for the last 3 months and barely made it back before I was induced...(he got home at midnight on the 8th, Ireland was born on the 9th!) and your support really helped me get thru it!!:hugs:Thanks!!
  2. Here she is after her first bath at the hospital.
  3. woo hoo !!! congrats Korilynn...
    you as i stated before was a great source of support in my post....
    isnt labor rough the first time- you go in not knowing what to expect and BAM its hits you hard..... and yes its all worth it..
    i love ireland, such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.. she looks heavenly and peaceful in your avatar pic..
    congrats again
  4. Isn't she precious!? I'm so glad your DH was able to be there....she really is beautiful Korilynn!
  5. she is absolutely adorable! welcome to the world little Ireland!
  6. And is that red hair I see? What a cutie with those plumb cheeks! So glad your DH was able to be there!
  7. She is gorgeous!! Congratulations! And the avatar pic is sooo cute.
  8. Congrats Korilynn! Ireland looks adorable!
  9. She's absolutely beautiful Kori!!! I'm so excited for you :smile: Congratulations on your precious princess!!!
  10. Congrats. She is precious. Glad your DH was able to be there!
  11. congratulations!! :flowers: :flowers: What a special blessing and how fantastic that things worked out just right for your husband to be there. It's almost like she knew her dad was coming so she waiting for him ;)
  12. Thanks everyone!!!

    I do think she was waiting for her daddy to show up!!!
  13. She's gorgeous!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
  14. Gorgeous little girl. I love her name. I'm glad your DH was able to be there for the birth. She's so precious. Congrats!
  15. She's beautiful, Kori!!! And so glad that she waited for her daddy to show up...Daddy's little girl, for sure!