Introducing . . . My Anis Twiggy


dreams come true :-)
Apr 22, 2006
WOW ..... GORGEOUS :nuts: !! CONGRATS Ronda..... :flowers: - you lucky girl :yahoo: this Anis twiggy looks AMAZING - it's a very very nice color and it's matching with everything - BEAUTIFUL :love: Enjoy it and thank you for sharing :tender:


Luxury Consignment
Do ya'll see the three lighter areas on the bottom right front (left on your screen). Quite a few of my bags have those lighter spots. Has anyone else experienced it?
I think the lighter spots are from the mirror edge rubbing the leather exterior or from something inside the bag poking and stretching the leather a bit. I've seen this on some of my bags too.

A little Apple Leather Conditioner usually restores the leather back to its original color. Otherwise, it's just a natural characteristic of leather like a light fingernail scratch that doesn't take away from the beauty of the bag, it just adds character :yes: